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The Proposal

For our anniversary I surprised Emily with a three day getaway to South Beach, Miami – one of our favourite getaway destinations and where we first exchanged the words “I love you”.

I secretly arranged with her boss to get the Friday off, so we flew out that Friday morning. We stayed at one of her favorite hotels, The Perry (previously The Gansevoort), and we enjoyed the many amenities it had to offer, most notably the rooftop pool. We went to our favorite nightclub, LIV, to see LMFAO play live and on the following day, dined at our favourite restaurant Barton G, known for their over-the-top meals, iPad menus and romantic outdoor seating.

The Perry Rooftop Pool & Bar, South Beach

Everything seemed to be going to plan, and Sunday seemed like an ideal time to propose, however Hurricane Debby had other ideas. We were kept inside by torrential rain and wind, so I called the proposal off, with the ring still hidden in my pocket.

We went back to New York on Sunday afternoon, relaxed and happy, but not engaged.

I was determined to make this happen and Monday seemed like the perfect time to try again. Monday was our true anniversary day, so I arrived home early and decked out our apartment with roses, candles and fairy lights. We both exchanged anniversary gifts, had dinner and was soon off to sleep. Just before falling asleep, I mentioned that I had another surprise.

I turned off the light, told her to close her eyes, got the ring and came back into the room. I got down on one knee, turned on the bedside lamp and simply asked her “Will you marry me?”. After about fifteen seconds of staring at me like a stunned rabbit, she burst into tears, grabbed me and said “Yes!”.

The Engagement Ring

We reflected on reality for a while and then stayed up into the wee hours of the morning calling family & friends, as well as responding to the Facebook notification frenzy.

The rest is history.

Jacob & Emily Cass Up